Record cold in Brabant: warning for icy roads

Sunday, February 5
EINDHOVEN – In 44 years it hasn’t been so cold in Brabant. Friday night in Eindhoven was -19.5 degrees. The lowest wind chill temperature was -21.1 degrees at Hoogerheide.

Last time that is was this cold happened in 1968, 44 years ago. It remains today freezing, according to the weather forecast the temperature will not reach above -4 degrees. Due to the severe frosts many roads in the province are slippery. KNMI warns for slippery roads. adjusted rateOn some highways the Rijkswaterstaat set a lower speed limit. The measure was taken because it is too slippery on some roads. This adjusted speed limit at this time is only for the A2 from Eindhoven to Maastricht at the height of the junction Hogt.saltThe Rijkswaterstaat Friday night in many places did not scatter salt. The salt has no effect at temperatures below -7 degrees. traffic ProblemsThe wintery weather on Friday made for a heavy Friday evening. In Brabant there was at least 200 km traffic jam. Around half past six it stopped snowing. The problems on the road then solved gradually. public transportThe Dutch Railways used a modified schedule Friday. Saturday the trains were back to normal schedules. Between Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Tilburg Saturday passengers got stuck because of a broken overhead. The bus companies deployed extra buses on Friday. In spite of these measure there were delays in the rush hour in some places up to an hour.Brabant in whiteThe snowfall led not only to misery. Many ponds and lakes are frozen, in some places you could skate.
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