Canadian Tweeter hijacks photo of Eindhoven boy

Tuesday 31 January 2012
EINDHOVEN – A photo of a small boy is being used without permission on a Canadian Twitter account with more than one million followers. Twitter says there is nothing they can do.

The Eindhoven photographer Hugo de Jong is not happy with that as it is his two year old son Bing’s image being used by the Tweeter as a profile picture.Under the name ‘@comedyortruth’ this anonymous man or woman writes a daily deluge of thoughts. And next to each new tweet a photo of Bing, taken by de Jong himself, appears. In addition, this site has an audience of millions (1.038.142) followers.De Jong accidentally stumbled upon the site. When he contacted the headquarters of Twitter, he was told there was little they could do in this kind of situation but finally made the account inactive.However, the same Tweeter has opened a new twitter account with almost the same name (@ comedyortruth_ -note the underscore behind the name). He is also using the same profile photograph without permission. He might be using the publicity right now.De Jong is not sure if he is going to take further steps. “I am not so upset about the man using my picture,” says photographer Hugo de Jong, “but it is by no means pleasant that my son is now on a site of a completely unknown nature, on which things are written where we have absolutely nothing to do with.”Source: Omroep Brabant


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