How to recycle plastic in Eindhoven

Photo credit: Rachael Vickerman

The issue of plastic waste and its increasingly catastrophic impact on the environment and the world’s oceans continues to hit the headlines. Along with that, growing numbers of people are eager to do their bit to tackle the plastic problem.

However, the rules and regulations around what to do with your plastic waste in, can be confusing, especially if they differ from what you are used to in your home country. This is often the case for Eindhoven’s international community. To help with that, in this article you will find a run-down of the rules that you should follow when disposing of your plastic in Eindhoven.

In Eindhoven, waste is taken care of by Cure Afvalbeheer. Firstly, it is important to know what “plastic waste” refers to in Eindhoven: it refers to materials like empty bags, cups, bottles, and packages. It does not include items such as garden furniture and old toys – these things are referred to instead as “household waste”. You can find a full list of what qualifies as plastic waste here on the Cure Afvalbeheer website.

Containers for recycling plastic at the Albert Heijn on Hoogstraat

Your plastic materials must be empty, and you must separate them from your other waste (such as paper, glass and bio-waste). You can then put them into a plastic bag and deposit them in one of the recycling dumpsters across the city. The dumpsters for plastic waste have orange lids and can be found near many shopping centres and supermarkets, such as at the Albert Heijn on Hoogstraat (pictured). They are usually located close by to bottle banks for disposing of glass.

Recycling points

Plastic waste can also be disposed of at one of the waste recycling points in Eindhoven. These points are open six days per week and are free to use with your Eindhoven Stadpas card. You can find a full list of the recycling points in Eindhoven here.

For some regions in the Eindhoven area, such as Bennekel and Blaarthem, Cure Afvalbeheer is piloting a PMD waste recycling scheme. PMD stands for plastics, metal and drinks, and includes materials like plastic bottles, cans and drinks cartons. PMD waste is collected separately from household waste, with the aim to reduce household waste.

For more information about recycling and waste disposal in Eindhoven, check the websites of the Eindhoven Municipality and Cure Afvalbeheer

Text and photos: Rachael Vickerman

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  1. The link to the ‘full list of the recycling points’ doesn’t show the underground containers spread around the city that also accepts plastic (e.g. AH XL, Lidl Strijp, Kruisstraat, etc).
    This list would be interesting to know because people would identify their closest location that can be reachable by foot or bike. Not everyone has a car and can go to Milieustraat.


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