Young Brainport Summer School – Honing talent for the future

Eindhoven News (EN) approached Young Brainport Summer School (YBSS) to help the prospective applicants with some additional information. EN met with Mieke Zijlstra and Nathalie Peijs, the project coordinators of YBSS.

Summer school for Students with a strong physics and math background

The Young Brainport Summer School (YBSS) is a global prestigious program designed for 16 to 18-year-olds with a strong background in physics, math and technology. YBSS is currently accepting applications for its third edition. Why physics and technology? The Brainport region is known as one of the smartest regions in the world, with a growing number of high tech companies. Growing companies have increasing job vacancies that could become challenging to fill. Therefore, talent attraction is an important aspect of Brainport Development and the Young Brainport Summer School is part of the talent attraction program. YBSS is the result of a collaborative effort of the Brainport development and Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Canada.

Selection criteria and additional information

There are 40 places in this programme out of which 10 are reserved for students from the Netherlands, both international and local while the remaining 30 are open to foreign students. The criteria for the application can be found  in

Additional to the eligibility criteria of the programme, the selection committee makes sure they maintain international diversity, age distribution and a healthy gender ratio. One of the items in the application is to make a video in which applicants talk about themselves and about their motivation to take part in the YBSS. This video is used to test the English language skill of the applicant and to get an insight into the applicant’s personality. YBSS is a one-week residential program. The program fee is 300 euros (excluding VAT).

Nathalie says, “YBSS has an alumni network and one student from the second edition is coming back to the Brainport region as an intern with Huijbregts, a food technology company.” Mieke adds ” That is something we are thrilled about.”


Irene Martens, Manager Eindhoven News, Mieke Zijlstra and Nathalie Peijs, both Project Coordinator YBSS

A typical day in the program

Mornings start with lectures by professors and business leaders from for example TU/e, Philips, ASML and Food Tech Brainport. While on-site learning assignments and visits to research centers are the major activities of the afternoons. Evenings are open to organised and supervised social activities and cultural programmes.


Supervisors are directly involved with the execution of all activities during the program and they support and help where needed. They supervise and guide students during activities, meals and overnight stays. Together with the YBSS team (consisting of four supervisors, one assistant coordinator and one senior coordinator), supervisors will make sure that there are a number of supervisors available at any time of the day.

YBSS coordinators are looking for supervisors for the programme and interested candidates can apply. The supervisors have to stay with the students during the summer school week. Suitable candidates can apply using this link


May 13, 2018 at 23:59 CET (GMT+1): Application deadline
May 25, 2018: Successful applicants notified
June 10, 2018: Acceptance packages deadline for selected students
August 11 – 18, 2018: Young Brainport Summer School 2018

Eindhoven News wishes good luck to all applicants.

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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