Interview with Top Management of Mobilunity

The Intelligent Community Forum ranked the Brainport Eindhoven Region as the world’s smartest region in 2011. According to Fortune magazine, Eindhoven is comparable to and may be the next Silicon Valley thanks to its wealth of talent, and the ambitious growth the small region has shown.

In today’s world, borders are becoming less and less relevant in regards to IT development. As a business solution, markets across the globe have reached further beyond their borders than ever before, augmenting their development teams to match the transient nature of the digital age.

To understand more about this trend, we decided to interview a C-level representative of Mobilunity, a leading Ukrainian IT company that has benefited from this trend and looks to remain in the forefront of it thanks to its Development augmentation model. CEO Cyril Samovskiy, sat down with us recently so that we could get a detailed explanation of their business model, along with its pros and cons, and why hiring dedicated software engineering teams could be a solution.


Why do you think companies are moving more and more towards using developers in remote locations?

Cyril: “Speed and flexibility. An immediate advantage of our model is that it takes only a fraction of the time to build a team. Our clients in Western Europe would agree when I say that you cannot get a team sooner than after a few (often way more than a few) months of costly recruiting. With Ukraine, it’s easy, you can get your new development team of up to 10 people in a matter of 2-4 weeks. The Client’s ability to scale a team up or down in a matter of weeks is a great advantage for any business no matter its size.”


 Ukraine is one of the major outsourcing destinations for Western European companies. What would you say is the reason why?

Cyril: “Indeed, we do have competitors. Asian countries provide better prices. Eastern European countries which are part of the EU are working in a very similar legislative and fiscal environment as their customers like let’s say, the Netherlands. Ukraine is interesting in three areas: labor market capacity, labor quality (in terms of software engineering skills) and of course, cost. These three aspects combined make Ukraine a great destination for customers who are looking for better ways to move their development forward.”


In an industry with plenty of Eastern European companies, what makes Mobilunity special?

Cyril: “We are a service company, so what we do depends on people, and we do it for people. This attitude is our motto from the top to the very bottom. Our whole structure and processes are tailored to consistently validate the trust that our customers give us. While we are very detailed and have defined processes, our tailor-made approach to our clients’ desires and our ability to be flexible in decision making, make us unique.”


What countries do you collaborate with? Can companies from the Netherlands hire developers from Ukraine?

Cyril: “Our customers are incorporated in over 20 countries worldwide. The vast majority are from continental Europe, however, we have customers in Hong-Kong, Tel-Aviv, Sydney and even Toronto. Companies from the Netherlands would definitely benefit from collaborating with us, just as hundreds of other companies that have chosen Ukraine as their remote development destination. With Nearshore location, experienced engineers, English as a working language, effortless scalability, and of course, at an affordable cost, these all make Ukraine and Mobilunity worth a try. After all, there are no obligations until you fall in love with the team we show you in our presale stage and we are certain that the team will be a part of your future developments.”


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