Nightclubs can’t open yet

'People must stay the course to avoid a second COVID-19 wave," said PM Mark Rutte at tonight's press conference.

“We must do what is needed to combat this virus,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at tonight’s (1 September) COVID-19 press conference. That’s why nightclubs have to remain closed. “The risk is simply far too great.”

It’s been six months since this novel strain of the corona virus broke out in the Netherlands. “We don’t have any major news. What we can say is that, although the numbers have risen, they are now stable, at about 500 cases per day, again.” The PM says that the situation in some other countries should serve as a warning.

“They seemed to have gotten things under control, but then the numbers exploded again.¬† He added that, fortunately, people in the Netherlands, mostly, still stick to the 1.5m rule. “We understand people’s frustration, but people must remember that we’ve made great strides in the past six months.”

More people being tested

Huge de Jonge, the Dutch Minister of Health added that the number of people being tested has jumped from 100 000 to 160 000 per week. “Please only get tested if you’re showing symptoms,” he said. “More people are being tested than the labs can handle.”

De Jonge, however, added that they are expanding the testing facilities as much as possible. We have more machines and are getting additional lab materials. We are also researching innovative ways to get more rapid test results.”

He mentioned that they’re had encouraging results with vaccines. “Hopefully the first vaccine will be available early 2021,” De Groot said. He says that in the course of the last six months, the Dutch government has consulted more than 100 experts.

It seems the best course of action is for a local, rather than national response. “That means each region will put relevant measures in place in each of its towns and cities if needed,” the minister said. The government has a dashboard where you can find each town’s stats and news (in Dutch).

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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