Sports clubs’ rents waived

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Sports clubs from Veldhoven don’t have to pay rent for March, April, and May. That’s according to the Veldhoven municipality.

This applies to all clubs affiliated with specific sports association. These are those that are the Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch Sports Federation. The compensation amounts to some €200,000.

For this, the Veldhoven Council’s implementing a National government regulation. The scheme hasn’t yet been officially published. It’s, therefore, not clear what it entails, exactly.

Only for sports clubs

Due to the corona crisis, Veldhoven’s suspended sports, culture, and commercial organisations’ rents. But sports associations to now receive compensation. This doesn’t affect the business and cultural associations’ situation.

This scheme pleases Sports Councillor, Daan de Kort. “Sport and health are important to Veldhoven. Sports facilities are, however, no longer being used. That’s as a result of the corona crisis. This has major financial implications for sports associations. We want to avoid a worsening situation with this compensation”.

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