Are you an international student? Do you have money problems? We’d like to know

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Do you, as an international student, have money problems? How are you coping, financially, during this COVID-19 period?

It’s come to our (the Eindhoven News editorial team) attention that there may be international students living in the area (south-east Brabant) who might be facing money problems due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We all know students are generally strapped for cash. They find all kinds of ways to improve their financial situation. Generating extra income or reducing costs by sharing are some of the numerous possibilities.

Fewer job opportunities

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several of these opportunities have been wiped out. Moreover, a longer study period may also cause more financial troubles. We know side jobs in the hospitality and events industry or other COVID-19 affected branches have been drastically reduced.

Support from home might also be compromised. But before making more assumptions, we’d like to get a clearer picture. We need to see if action is necessary to help out these students.

If you have information on this situation, please send an email to We’ll keep your personal data confidential (unless you specifically ask to be contacted).

We have some questions.

1. Are you having, or do you know other international students who are having financial troubles?
2. Are these problems slight, average or severe?
3. Where do these problems arise?
4. Will the financial problems be short or long term?
5. Do these problems affect your/their emotional well-being?

6. Did you/others find solutions to cope with this financial shortage?
7. How?
8. Do you know of other things or ideas that might help?
9. How is it affecting your daily life?

Thank you very much for helping us help others.

The Eindhoven News team

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  1. Hii , I’m Swapnil and I’m from India . I’m currently studying bachelor in business in wittenborg university , Apeldoorn.
    Due to this pandemic , me and my other collegues are facing some real problems financially like, lack of part time jobs
    So l, its my request from the dutch govt. that please help us with some financial aid.


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