MMC implements robot to receive visitors

A robot welcomes visitors to MMC. Source: Studio040/Maxima Medisch Centrum

The Maxima Medical Centre (MMC) in Veldhoven is using a robot to welcome visitors. During this exceptional time, it has a special responsibility: ensuring the 1,5 m social-distancing rule is respected.

The robot welcomes visitors, answers questions and requests that the appropriate distance from others is maintained. The most important functionality of the robot is making visitors aware of appropriate distancing and hygiene measures in a striking and safe way.

The robot’s name is Pepper. It’s developed for supporting functionality in health care. It performs tasks such as greeting visitors, providing educational information and offering support. Pepper used to be at the Paediatric clinic but is currently at the main entrance and staff restaurant in Veldhoven.

Kind word for the personnel

The robot is not only for the patients. It also speaks to the personnel. Besides reminders on appropriate distancing, Pepper also has an uplifting message to give. Compliments are given daily, such as: “thanks for being here”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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