‘Continue to invest in innovation’ urges Brainport

Photo credit: ASML
Photo credit: ASML

Even after the corona crisis, the central government must continue to invest in high-tech, because that’s what creates the most jobs. The Director of Brainport Development, Paul van Nunen, makes this appeal. 

In recent years, discussions between the Brainport region and the national government have often been about money. Eindhoven often felt subordinated to the big cities in the Randstad area. Van Nunen isn’t convinced of this.

According to him, the region’s taken extremely seriously by the Dutch government. “Not a day goes by in which members of parliament don’t come to see how well things are going”, he says in the Studio040 programme, IngeLichtop. However, he does point out that the promised investments must continue.

National Action Agenda

The region’s made agreements with the government about the implementation of the Brainport National Action Agenda. This sets out how the area can be further strengthened. It involves both investments in infrastructure and strengthening the ‘business climate’ for technical talent. It also looks, for example, at the cultural offerings, events and recreational facilities.

According to Van Nunen, the technology sector in this region is suffering relatively little from the effects of the corona crisis. The need for computer chips and other innovative products remains. This will continue to be the case after the crisis. This crisis has further emphasised the importance of technology. It shows, for example, the importance of working from home, videoconferencing, and the equipment for this.

What companies are struggling with, however, is the supply chain – the supply of crucial components. The technology companies have most components made in the Netherlands. So, in most cases, they can continue to produce them. But sometimes parts from abroad are needed.

Eindhoven-based companies also supply the automotive industry. In that sector, many manufacturers in Europe have come to a standstill due to a lack of parts. Companies in the Brainport region are also suffering due to this.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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