Explosion in drugs lab causes fire

Fire brigade on standby Photo credit: Damian Ruitenga

Drugs were being produced in a business building on the Hoppenkuil in Eindhoven where a fire broke out on Monday afternoon. Something went wrong there, the fire brigade says. Brown smoke was coming out of the building and a strange smell could be detected. According to the police, someting might have blown up.  The fire brigade says that there were no casualties.

It is not clear whether people were working in the drugs lab at the time of the explosion, according to a police spokesperson. “That is one of the things we are investigating now”.

Around six o’clock, the fire brigade was still investigating the premises. In the drugs lab itself, according to the spokesperson, the fire brigade did not see any fire, although there was smoke, likely not coming from the lab. Little can be seen on the outside of the building, but inside, a number of walls have been displaced, according to the spokesperson. This indicates that there may have been an explosion, he indicated.

A little after four o’clock, the fire brigade was alerted to a fire in the building. Police and firefighters were still talking about unclear situation around 5.30pm. “We don’t know yet what exactly is going on,” a police spokesperson said. “The fire brigade is still putting out the fire there, that comes first.”

The police have already notified the Landelijk Faciliteit Ontmantelen (the national dismantling facility) to be on the safe side. It specialises in clearing drug labs.

Source: Omroepbrabant.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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