Muslims celebrate Eid

Eid Mubarak everyone Picture Credit: Lila Merez

After a month of Ramadan, last Friday was the sugar festival, or Eid-al-fitr, as it is officially called. Eindhoven Muslims celebrated with family, friends and food. The Pakistani Brainport Community also organised big event.  


At the bakeries, it was busy. “People buy a lot of sweets after a month of fasting,” the baker on Kruisstraat said. His shop was full of waiting people shopping for the feast. Butcher’s shop Izzet, too, things got buzzing in recent days. “After a month of fasting, someone comes and thinks ‘I want this, and I want that, and that’,” butcher Bashar Al Ewel says. “I will probably celebrate on Saturday or tonight, I’m looking forward to good food myself after a month of fasting.”

Family and friends

Although the end of Ramadan is a celebration, most were also grateful for the period of fasting. “For me it could have been longer,” a child told. “During Ramadan, you are with family a lot more.” Another Muslim looks forward to Ramadan every year. “It is a period that gives me a lot of peace,” he said. However, that doesn’t make the celebration any less lavish. He went to his family and friends to celebrate with a lot of delicious food. “The calories don’t matter for a while today,” says another.

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Translator: Martijn

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