Plan for two towers at Evoluon, ‘icon will remain visible’

Plan for two Towers at Evolution
Photo Credit: Eindhoven Municipality

The iconic building of Eindhoven is going to be redeveloped. Two towers may be built at the Evoluon. On one side a tower of up to 90 meters and on the other side one of 45 meters. However, the iconic Eindhoven building must remain visible.

This is stated in a document in which the plans for redevelopment around the Evoluon are described. For years, owners Hurks, Foolen & Reijs have had plans for the area. The new proposal is now before the city council.

There was an earlier discussion about the possibilities for new construction around Eindhoven’s iconic building. Previous plans received little support from residents and politicians at Eindhoven City Hall. There were concerns about whether the Evoluon would remain visible. The new principles should eliminate these concerns.

Eindhoven project developer Lee Foolen says in the ED that new construction is necessary. “If you want to bring life to the area, you have to add something and especially attract people. You have to build for that. Then there will also be an alternative cash flow to operate the building properly.” The Eindhoven project developer believes that the museum function that the Evoluon now has can continue to exist if new construction is built.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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