CDA wants to give a temporary facelift to the vacant sites in the city centre

Photo credit: Silvester Klaasman

The CDA believes that there are many demolished and vacant sites in the city centre which can be put to use temporarily in various ways.

The demolished bank building on Stadhuisplein, the vacant lot on Vrijstraat, two locations near the Victoria Quarter and the future location of the project Lichthoven are eyesores in  CDA’s view. The faction wants to cleverly use the ‘rubble sites’ to improve the cityscape.

“Eindhoven, the new jewel in the economic crown of the Netherlands, cannot have such shabby sites”, urges the CDA. For instance, the CDA suggests that the demolished site on Stadhuisplein could house a Ferris wheel or an ice rink, or a simple children’s play area.

The CDA, therefore, wants to know whether there are plans to make these spaces look better. The faction also wants to know whether there are subsidies for such projects.

Translated: Yawar Abbas

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