Drizzly, wet weather outside and it won’t get much better for the time being

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It’s been drizzly and ‘dirty weather’ today outside. And on Wednesday we can get ready for another pretty turbulent day. It fits exactly with the weather we have had for the past month. Because January was very mild with an average temperature of 5.8 degrees, but also soaking wet. That’s what Rico Schröder of Weerplaza told us. On average, we have had 126 millimeters of precipitation, compared with the normal average of 72 millimeters.

It’s not going to get any better for the time being, Rico told the radio program ‘WAKKER!’ on Broadcasting Brabant on Tuesday morning. We had light rain and drizzle from the west that moved over the province. “It’s not that much, but it’s a bit drizzly,” Rico said. “It’s rather unpleasant weather outside at the moment.”

Later in the afternoon it will become dry. “With a bit of luck, we will see the sun occasionally at the end of the afternoon in the west of the province.” In addition, it is about 8 or 9 degrees and there is a moderate west-southwest wind. This evening and night will also be dry. “The temperature then drops to 2 or 3 degrees. That’s chilly.”

And a wet and windy Wednesday is just around the corner when a few showers will pass over the province again. “We will start the day dry, with the occasional sun. But later it will really start to rain. It will be a very turbulent day with a wind force of 5 and in the west, a strong wind force of 6.”

By the weekend we will see some sun again

Thursday and Friday will be mostly cloudy. “Even then, there is still a chance of rain from time to time. By the weekend we will occasionally see the sun break through and then it will remain dry. The temperature will then reach 9 or 10 degrees, so it will definitely not be cold.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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