Nuenen coalition parties do not want refugees at Gulbergen estate

Nuenen coalition parties do not want refugees at Gulbergen estate
Captured by studio040

W70, D66 and GroenLinks/PvdA in Nuenen do not want refugees on the Gulbergen estate. The coalition parties have announced a motion stating that they do not consider Gulbergen a good location for reception.

It was previously known that Gulbergen would possibly house 500 refugees for a maximum of ten years. To this end, the municipality is conducting research. According to the groups, the location is unsuitable because Gulbergen is poorly accessible, there are no facilities, and the arrival of the refugees would ‘pre-sort’ the future of the estate.

However, the parties do recognise the need for more reception places for refugees in the region. For this, a regional reception plan should be made which should be guiding the reception of refugees and status holders in the municipality.

W70, D66 and GroenLinks/PvdA therefore want the council to make it clear to COA and Metropoolregio Eindhoven that Gulbergen is unsuitable as a reception location. At the same time, it should investigate which places in the municipality are suitable for reception, and how many refugees could be housed at those locations.

Source: Studio040

Translated by Simge Taşdemir

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