VVD: “tackling landlords who ask too much rent for a student room should be a priority”.

Students pay high rent for rooms Photo credit: Studio040

If it is up to the Eindhoven VVD, tackling landlords who ask too much rent for a student room should be a priority.

The opposition party has put questions to the city council about this. The council said earlier that due to a lack of capacity it cannot check everywhere on room occupation and house splitting.

Landlords might think they can get away with charging more for a room than is legally permitted. Especially now that a new generation of students is arriving and there are shortages on the housing market. The young people could feel compelled to take the room with an irresponsibly high rent in order to avoid long train journeys. After all, these are students who are going to live independently for the first time.

The VVD wants to know how the municipality is doing to draw their attention to the Rent Control Act and to whom they can turn in order to denounce landlords charging excessively high rent.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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