Disappointment: Maerlantlyceum renovation more than five million euros over estimated cost

Maerlantlyceum Picture credit: studi040.nl

The renovation and new building of the Van Maerlantlyceum secondary school in Eindhoven will require an additional 5.5 million euros. The municipality should take put up three million, the College of Mayor and Alderpersons writes to the city council.

Rise in cost due to war

The secondary school has been waiting for a new home for many years. Part of the old building is being renovated and a new construction is being added. Now that the building costs are rising rapidly, the price tag is also becoming steeper. According to the mayor and aldermen, the war in Ukraine has pushed the prices up even further.


Nearly 5.5 million euros extra will be needed for the construction, it appears after a tender. The school board has managed to reduce that amount to three million euros by a number of interventions. The municipality would have to pay that amount, because the local authorities are responsible for educational facilities.

Reducing costs

According to the city council, a further reduction of costs is impossible. The options considered included building smaller, building in phases or going with a different construction company. In all cases, this would not lead to a reduction in costs. And retendering is a very unpredictable route, according to the college.

Waiting for approval

The municipal council must now approve the extra millions. Earlier, the school board had already sounded the alarm. A renovation would be very necessary because the current Van Maerlant building is outdated, resulting in noise pollution and poor insulation. There is also too little room for the growing number of pupils.

Source: Stuido040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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