Farmers protest against government’s nitrogen plan

men arrested after farmer's protest
Photo Credit: Studio040

And that’s not the first time! Farmers Defence Force (FDF) trusts that the government’s nitrogen plans are against the welfare of farmers in our province. Below you will find the history of protest actions by the farmers in recent years.

Protest at the provincial government building in Den Bosch
In October 2019, about two thousand farmers gathered at the provincial government building when the Provincial Council discussed agricultural policy. Throughout the day, farmers mocked the provincial government building. A few dozen farmers advanced to the entrance of the provincial government building. The farmers were kept forcefully at bay by ME (Dutch police force).

With tractors on the highway to The Hague
A month later, about four hundred tractors drove along the highway to the Malieveld in The Hague. More and more farmers joined later.

‘Blokkeerboeren’ at Eindhoven airport
Farmers of Farmers Defence Force blocked Eindhoven Airport in December 2019. They came en masse to the airport to reinforce their demands in the nitrogen discussion. This, no doubt affected travellers

Protest against less protein in animal feed
In the summer of 2020, farmers drove tractors slowly along the highways during peak hours. This led to a large number of traffic jams. Then, Minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten had earlier proposed to lower protein in animal feed and thus reduce nitrogen emissions. But the farmers didn’t see any progress later.

No more tractors on the highway
The police were fed up in June 2020 after a few days of demonstrations. Protesting farmers who take their tractors on the highway now risk a fine and must leave the highway immediately.

Remarkable statements by Mark van den Oever
The Farmers Defence Force leader Mark van den Oever compared the way farmers are treated to the persecution of the Jews in The Second World War. “A small population group that is systematically pushed into the corner and driven from their land,” said van den Oever in the state hall of the provincial government building.

ME blocks the driveway to the highway
In June 2021, the police prevented the farmers from driving onto the highway during their protest action against the nitrogen rules. Several ramps were blocked by ME(Police) buses. The farmers were then forced to continue using provincial roads.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by :Shanthi Ramani

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