Prison and community service for drug trucks case in residential area

Picture credit: Eindhoven News media library

One of the men who were behind two ‘drug trucks’ in an Eindhoven residential area has been jailed for four months. His accomplice must carry out community service of 240 hours.

In 2018, two trucks with chemicals appeared in the Eindhoven Offenbachlaan over two days. One caught fire, the other leaked chemical drug waste into the ground.

The truck fire was very dangerous. Twelve apartments had to be evacuated as the fire released toxic substances into the air.

The two trucks contained barrels and jerry cans that came from a large storage facility in Urk. In the leaking van, gloves and coke cans with DNA traces from both suspects were found. There are also camera images that link the suspects to the vans.

The two men, who were convicted in Den Bosch on Tuesday, caused serious danger in a residential area with the dumping.

Together, the men must pay 33,695 euros to the municipality of Eindhoven for the costs of disposing of the drug waste, soil remediation, and repair of the street.

One of the men was given a prison sentence of four months plus six months probation. The other received the maximum community service of 240 hours and six months of suspended juvenile detention. The fact that one sentence is lower than the other is because one of the suspects has a mild mental disability and has been convicted under juvenile criminal law.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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