Congested Eindhoven airport : No question of expansion

Eindhoven Airport
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There is no question of expanding Eindhoven Airport, at least not in a way that contradicts the report of Pieter van Geel. This is the answer given by the Eindhoven municipality to questions posed by GroenLinks.

Small terminal

The fraction asked questions because Eindhoven Airport is going to expand the terminal. That message raised eyebrows because clear agreements have been made with the airport about the number of flight movements that are allowed there – 41,500 per year.

There is no question of expanding that number, according to the municipality. So why is the expansion of the terminal necessary? Simply because the current terminal is too small. This is entirely in accordance with Pieter van Geel’s report, according to the municipality of Eindhoven.

Quality to travellers

“One of the spearheads is ‘added value for the region’ aimed at a high-quality, attractive airport that is a calling card for the Brainport Region,” writes the Board. “Given the fact that the existing terminal is too small to handle the current passenger flows within the desired (and partly required) quality level, expansion of the terminal is necessary to be able to offer this quality to the travellers.

Growth is possible

Local residents need not worry about the expansion of flight movements. However, that number could grow if the airport succeeds in reducing the noise level further than the standard requirements.

It would also be possible to expand in terms of passenger numbers, reports the municipality of Eindhoven. That would require airlines to use larger planes or planes that can carry more passengers.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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