Bicycle paths are actively being restored

cyclists on a bicycle path
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According to a municipal executive, there is no overdue maintenance on bicycle paths in the city. The city council confirmed that existing backlogs are being cleared. 

Questions to the council were raised regarding the state of bicycle paths in Eindhoven, including unsafe traffic situations around primary schools, a lack of separate bicycle lanes, and poor maintenance.

”There is no technical backlog of the paths at these locations. There are no dangerous situations and worn-out paths, such as the Rielsedijk bicycle path, are included in the maintenance programme”, reports the committee.

There have been several conversations between the municipality, bicycle mayor, and officials of the department of traffic and city management. It has been agreed upon to solve the bottlenecks identified by the bicycle mayor. “As far as road markings are concerned, most of the work has now been completed,” the council said. In addition, the bicycle mayor, together with the cyclists’ union, is actively involved in improving road safety around primary schools.

Clarifications from the council have come in response to the questions raised by the D66 faction.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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