Lots of rain followed by Summery weekend

Rain followed by sun
Picture credit: Pixabay

“The coming days could be regionally very wet in Brabant.” This comment by weatherman Wilfred Janssen makes you suspect the worst and be prepared for the wet days. But at the end of the week, the summer will return to Brabant.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s wise to have an umbrella and a pair of boots within reach. “A bubble of cold air will move to the south of our province from France in the direction of Germany,” says Janssen.

“This could cause some mild to heavy showers. Locally, there could be quite a lot of rain, and even thunderstorms. There might be a possibility of flooding in few places.”

Lower temperatures, strong winds

The rain also affects the temperature. “Maximums will be 20 to locally 23ºC. Especially on Wednesday, there will also be a strong northerly wind,” he adds.

But then, the end of the wet summer days is in sight. “On Thursday, there may still be a lot of precipitation in the east of our province, but it will be a bit drier during the day. There will be more room for the sun, and it will even get a little warmer.”

From Friday, a high-pressure area determines the weather in Brabant. “Showers will decrease, and the wind will drop. The temperature is also expected to increase steadily. In the longer term, it even promises to be summery,” concludes the weatherman.

Source: Omroepbrabant.nl
Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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