Decades-old carcass Vonderweg being demolished

Photo Credit: Studio040 | Alain Heeren

In 2010, squatters were evicted from the office building on Vonderweg overnight – but demolition and new construction were delayed until now. Councillor Torunoglu made a start on the demolition of the building on Wednesday evening.

At the beginning of this century, the former Philips computer centre became vacant. The property’s fate has been unclear for a long time. In 2008, a group of squatters moved in. They built up a community and thereby attracted the necessary attention.

In 2010, the property owner, Breevast, wanted the squatters to leave. Next day, these people were on the street. To prevent the building from being squatted again, the building was gutted: only the floors and intermediate walls remained, but all outer walls were removed. Yet nothing happened for many years afterwards, to the frustration of local residents and the Eindhoven municipality.


At the beginning of this year, councillor Torunoglu announced the breakthrough: the building would be demolished before this year’s summer holidays. “I’ll take the sledgehammer myself”, he added.

The building site is part of the large-scale construction plan Emmakwadrant, where various new apartment complexes will be built in the coming years.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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