Air fleet could be renewed

Photo credit: Eindhoven Airport/Studio040

Eindhoven airport is considering renewal activities for its airline fleet. It aims to substantially reduce noise and CO2 emissions by 2030.

The airport also wants to reduce CO2 emissions by encouraging airlines to use sustainable fuel. To achieve this, the airport intends to offer a discount on airport charges to airlines that work with a cleaner and quieter fleet from 2021. 

According to airport director, Roel Hellemons, measures must be taken at the European level to make the aviation sector more sustainable. “Especially now that state aid is being given to airlines on a large scale in Europe. We understand very well that people are asking to attach conditions to that aid. In our view, this should preferably be imposed at a European level, to create a fair playing field for airlines.”

Necessary measures 

According to Hellemons, the industry can come out of the corona crisis more strongly in this way. “We expect aviation to recover gradually, and with these conditions, we can accelerate the necessary sustainability of the sector. That would be the profit this crisis brings. We’re committed to this by national and European governments.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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  1. After Covid-19 what is important is the lack of space at boarding gates and check-in. The passengers have to wait outisde a long time, the incoming passengers are still getting out when the next passengers are ready to board and with RyanAir the seat are not even cleaned in between flights: the seats are always dirty from previous flight. A reasonable social distancing in all boarding zone is now required in boarding zones of the airports


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