Fashion from ancient history in the preHistorisch Dorp

Photo: Studio040 / Alain Heeren

What did fashion look like through the ages? This is demonstrated by the fashion show in the preHistorisch Dorp (prehistoric village). Volunteers come together to showcase their homemade clothing.

Despite the rain in the preHistorisch Dorp, enough visitors come to the fashion show. The show can be seen in the Adellijke Hoeve. A fire burns in the middle and behind it the people climb one by one on a stage to show their outfit. The clothing is completely homemade, even the thread is made by spinning wool yourself.

The first piece of clothing that comes by is from the Bronze Age. A woman with a woolen brown skirt steps on the plateau and the presenter tells something about the clothing from that period. Yvonne Lammers organizes this fashion show because she wants to make people more aware of the importance of clothing from ancient history. Yvonne: “” Most people think that the riches of the past were in swords, shields and jewelry. But the wealth was actually in clothing. The clothing you wore gave prestige and status. The amount of clothing also determined that status. ”

The clothing that follows after the Bronze Age comes from the Iron Age, the Middle Ages, the Golden Age, the time of Napoleon to close with a modern suit from the New Age. The visitors find it impressive. There is clapping while a woman with a huge dress comes walking up, it seems as if she comes straight from VOC (Dutch East India Company) times. It is a white dress that fits tightly around her waist and runs wide at her hips. There are hundreds of side decorations on it. A visitor says that she does not seem comfortable with such a dress. “” I think it’s very pretty and impressive how she made this dress, but I wouldn’t like to walk around it myself. ”

It’s nice that so many visitors came to see it despite the wet crowd, says Yvonne Lammers. “They are real troupers!”

Source: Studio040

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