Record heat coming with possible 40 degrees on Thursday: ‘Historically hot week’

Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library/Studio040

“A historically hot week. Shattering records. The hottest heat ever.” Weatherman Reinout van den Born of MeteoGroup lacks superlatives to describe the weather of the coming days. On Thursday he predicts temperatures of 39 and even forty degrees for our province.

The highest temperature ever measured in the Netherlands is 38.6 degrees on August 23, 1944 in Warnsveld, Gelderland. “Maybe the successor is in Brabant,” Reinout thinks. “Madness.”

MeteoGroup also anticipates extreme temperatures of 38 degrees on Wednesday. But Thursday is expected to be even hotter. “We are definitely not used to this,” says the weatherman. “You can’t do anything.”

The temperatures that the different weather models now predict are above our body temperature. “So if you spend a long time outside, you’ll get a fever,” the weatherman explains.

According to him, it is not too bad with the humidity on Wednesday and Thursday. “That helps. Because when you sweat, you cool down a little. That way you can endure the heat.”

Higher temperatures

The weatherman himself has experienced temperatures of more than forty degrees once in Washington DC. “I really couldn’t do anything,” he remembers. “Every time you flee to your car or a house for the air conditioning. It’s no fun.”

Van den Born and his colleagues are all on the edge of their seats these days. “We all come up with reasons why it does not have to happen. But at some point you may have to accept that it is going to happen.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Dirk


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