Not just sport in sport centres anymore

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Child care or language lessons in a football club’s canteen? This may be entirely possible in Eindhoven from now on.

The City Council has decided to tweak policy to make this possible. Until now, sports centres could only be used by groups or associations for activities related to sport.

From now on, educational, medical, socio-cultural, public services, and public administration groups can now also use these facilities. These activities include, for example, daycare centres, playgroups, and after-school care.

“The idea is that by offering different kinds of activities in sports facilities, children or perhaps the elderly can be more exposed to sports and exercise,” reads a statement issued by the Eindhoven Municipality. “Sports clubs that manage their own canteens can also receive extra income.”

Interested parties would still, however, have to apply for the relevant permit.

Source: Gemeente Eindhoven

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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