Kittens dumped en masse in Eindhoven and admitted in animal shelter

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More kittens have been dumped in Eindhoven than in the past two years. This gas been noticed by animal shelter De Doornakker in Tongelre. 380 kittens were taken care of, while in 2017 and 2018 there were around a hundred fewer around this time. Only in the middle of summer 2016 is the number the same.

Saskia Thijssen of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals thinks that there are various reasons for this. On the one hand, many cats in the Netherlands are still not neutered or sterilized. If they go outside and meet a buddy, then kittens are easily made that way.

In addition, the mild winter has caused cats to get into heat sooner. Stray cats can therefore make several litters in a relatively short period of time.

Relatively many kittens
The number of kittens dumped in Eindhoven is relatively high, while in a city such as Rotterdam, for example, only a few dozen kittens have been dumped around this time of the year. ‘Think carefully before you get a cat. There is more to it than people often think and therefore the animals are dumped ‘, says Thijssen. She reminds owners of their responsibility.

If an owner brings his or her pet to the shelter, he or she must pay. About 70 euros for a cat and 90 for a dog. However, that rarely happens. Many people do not want to pay that money or are ashamed.

Source: Studio040

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