Police smash window after dog left in hot car

Photo credit: Valkenswaard Police/OmroepBrabant

Police officers in Valkenswaard rescued a dog that was left in a dangerously hot car on Wednesday. In a video posted on Facebook, police officers can be seen smashing the car window to rescue the dog. They have confirmed that the dog is now doing well.

The officers immediately jumped into action upon seeing the dog in the car. ‘We provided the car with some “ventilation”, at the owner’s expense of course,’ they wrote in a post on Facebook.

How long the dog had been in the car before officers found it is not known. The dog is now being accommodated at another location. As of Wednesday, the owner had not yet been informed, though the police intended to let them know.

The police also used the Facebook post to warn people of the dangers of leaving pets in cars in the current hot weather. ‘It is 27 degrees outside. Inside a parked car, it becomes 37 degrees after 10 minutes. After an hour, it is more than 45 degrees.’

Ruit eruit!Onbegrijpelijk! Het is 27 graden buiten. In een geparkeerde auto is het na 10 minuten 37 graden. Na een uur meer dan 45 graden.We hebben de auto voorzien van 'ventilatie', op kosten van de eigenaar natuurlijk. Tevens zal er PV opgemaakt worden. Het hondje maakt het goed en is elders ondergebracht.#laatmijnietindeautoachter #politie #dommelstroom #Valkenswaard #VAW247 #dierenleed #schade

Geplaatst door Politie Valkenswaard op Woensdag 26 juni 2019

 Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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