More than half of Eindhoven residents support New Year’s Eve firework ban

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More than fifty-five percent of Eindhoven’s residents want a ban on fireworks during the New Year period. This is according to a survey involving 4200 residents, commissioned by the city council of Eindhoven.

The survey group cited several reasons for supporting the ban. Most respondents cited public nuisance. The emissions that fireworks create and their dangerousness was also mentioned.

A slightly larger group – sixty-two percent of residents – expressed their preference for a large firework show in the city on New Year’s Eve. This would be a professional show organised by the city council, and that takes place in a central venue in Eindhoven.

The idea is for the large firework show to partially or even completely replace the private lighting of fireworks by individuals.

Almost half of people living in Eindhoven say that they experience nuisance during New Year’s Eve. This mainly involves loud noises, encountering fireworks in the street, and the distress caused to pets.

A quarter of residents light their own fireworks. This mainly concerns young people.

At the end of 2018, several political groups in Eindhoven spoke out in support of fireworks-free zones and a central firework show. However, it is not yet clear what steps will be taken in light of the survey results.



Translator and editor: Rachael Vickerman

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