Mayor closes local bar

Yesterday (Thursday), the Eindhoven City Council closed a local establishment in Tongelrese Street for three months. Its food, liquor, and gambling licenses have also been revoked. 

Early last month, the police received a report of a serious assault against two people at the Dejavu shisha lounge. The victims were also threatened with a firearm. The police then raided this bar and arrested one suspect in connection with the crime.

According to the Municipality, there had been incidences in the past that showed that this venue was a nuisance in the neighbourhood. The events of February were the last straw. This resulted in the Mayor’s decision to close the place down. The suspect arrested by the police introduced himself as the ‘manager’ of the shisha lounge but is not the formal owner or manager.

Barred from the inside

He referred to the club as ‘his business’ in ‘his street’. On the night in question, two people were held against their will in the club. They were assaulted and threatened with a gun. According to the police, the venue was barred from the inside by the staff. This prevented the victims from leaving, and the police from entering.

According to Mayor Jorritsma, in Eindhoven, this type of violence is unacceptable. “With this decision, we are sending a message,” he says in a statement from the Municipality. “We will not tolerate this kind of violence in our cities or suburbs. In the first place, it is a serious violation of public safety and security.”

“But, in addition, I want to prevent criminal organisations from using their businesses as a base of operation. It is clear that we, as the City Council, together with the police, need to stay on top of things.”

Source: Eindhoven Municipality

Photo: Studio040

Translator: Melinda


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