Angry Ryanair pilots demand millions in compensation

Photo credit: Studio040

Yesterday (Tuesday), nine Ryanair pilots went to court for the right to dismissal and damages.

The pilots are demanding nearly EUR1 million per pilot for intimidation and compensation for loss of earnings if they were to go work for another airline.

This has been a long-standing conflict between Ryanair and the pilots. Last year, Ryanair closed their base at Eindhoven Airport, citing high costs and limited growth opportunities as reasons. But the pilots think it was a retaliation, because of their strikes. Since then, the pilots have been at home while being paid.

It is unusual that the pilots went to court. The UWV (the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) decided last week that the airline must not give permission for dismissals on economic ground. But the pilots want new jobs. And so the deliberations continue for the time being.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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