A more efficient airport with help from TU/e

TU/e Eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

TU/e and Eindhoven Airport are beginning a new collaboration. The university is going to assist the airport in further optimising some of its processes.

This means that, for their first project, TU/e students will research how Eindhoven Airport can improve the flow of passengers through the security checks at check-in. By using new technologies, they hope to make the process faster and easier than it currently is. This first project will last for ten weeks. The intention is that the findings will be put into practice in the near future.

According to TU/e and Eindhoven Airport, this research is a win-win situation for both parties. Steef Blok, Director of Innovation at TU/e, says, “We use Eindhoven Airport as a testing ground to develop our knowledge of products and services, which also means that we gain new knowledge.”

Joost Meijs, Director of Eindhoven Airport, sees the collaboration as proof of the airport’s commitment to improving its quality. “We are making an improvement in our airport processes and we are explicitly seeking a connection with icons in this environment, such as TU/e,” he says.

Source: studio040.nl

Translator: Rachael

Editor: Melinda

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