Tivoli Tower must never be forgotten

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Should the Tivoli Tower be demolished, some tangible memory of it must be created at Stratum. At least, according to local political party CDA. Members of the party asked Eindhoven’s mayor and aldermen some stiff questions.

SDK Vastgoed plans to demolish the Tivoli Tower. The building has been standing on a piece of undeveloped land, surrounded by fences, for over a decade. The tower is apparently in poor condition, while renovation involves high costs. Moreover, the real estate company wants to build apartments on this spot.

CDA demanded, that in case of the tower being demolished, it should still be remembered. According to the coalition party, this tower – once part of a church and large buildings already demolished – played an important role in Stratum, during the 40s and 50s.

The party also believes, this tower symbolises urban expansion on the south side of Eindhoven. This is why council member Niels Groot asked for local residents to be allowed to become involved in any plans for a commemorative plaque or other tangible memory of this tower of the former Sint-Jozef church.

CDA politicians and party members also want to know what options exist to renovate the tower. Politicians, members and CDA-voters are not happy with the demolition plans. However, they do understand SDK Vastgoed baulks at renovation-costs. The tower is no listed building and therefore, not protected. Raising money for a renovation may be difficult.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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