Portable windmill can supply festivals with electricity

Photo credit: Studio040

At the TU/e researchers are working on a portable windmill that provides festivals with energy.

Organic food and biodegradable waste can no longer be ignored at festivals, but behind the scenes they are still diesel-devouring generators that are breathing life into the festival. If it is up to the Technical University in Eindhoven, that will change quickly. The ‘GEM Tower’, a mobile, sustainable power plant, has to shake up the festival world.

Organizers of festivals want to make the best use of renewable energy, but they cannot run the risk of insufficient electricity. And festivals do not come with a sun or wind guarantee. Designers from the Technical University therefore came up with a tower of 21 meters that has both a windmill and solar panels. And if the weather gods do not work on any front, then there is a powerful battery.

Jack in a box

Also unique about the GEM Tower is that it is foldable. With the push of a button it slides in and out of itself. Once it is folded, it fits into a container. This ensures short installation and dismantling times.

“I’ll see you at the Gem Tower!”

The tower is a striking eyecatcher because of the length and striking solar panels that are reminiscent of gems. For festivals, it should look a bit ‘funky’. Especially at night, when the tower is illuminated, it is a beacon that will be seen from far away from the campsite.

Prototype Pukkelpop
Pukkelpop is interested to be the first to experiment with a prototype of the tower this year. From that experiment, the makers want to learn how much energy the GEM-Tower can generate in practice.

Improve the world
Although there is now only a scale model of a meter, the designers dare to dream about a much bigger future for the GEM Tower. ‘In places where electricity is needed on a large scale, for example in a disaster area, even several towers could be used.’

Source: Studio040

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