And the weather for Carnaval is…

It is time for Carnaval in Lampegat a.k.a. Eindhoven. But will the weather add to the festivities or dampen them?

According to the Weerplaza’s Raymond Klassen, the weekend’s weather is going to be somewhat unpredictable.

Friday sees the start of the meteorological Spring. Spring or not, the recent warm weather seems to be at an end – just in time for Carnaval. “On Friday morning,” reports Klaasen, “quite a lot of rain can be expected in the South-East of the country. The rest of the day will remain mostly dry. Temperatures are not expected to rise above 7 degrees Celcius.”

Rainy weekend

Saturday is the first big Carnaval day. Saturday looks marginally better than Friday, weatherwise. “In general, it will be very cloudy with a chance of drizzle now and then. There are, however, going to be dry spells. That means, depending on the time of day, you can enjoy the parade and cheerfully-dressed people,” writes Klaasen. The afternoon will see temperatures of 11 degrees with a moderate-to-strong South-westerly wind.
Having a waterproof Carnaval outfit for Sunday’s procession would be a good idea,” says this weatherman. “Sunday is looking less optimistic. We can see this from various weather charts. There will be rain from the west overnight. This will continue in the South and East of the Netherlands for some time on Sunday. In some cases, for the entire day.” Sunday’s temperatures will be between 10 and 11 degrees. Again, with a moderate-to-strong South-westerly wind.
Source: Weerplaza
Translator: Melinda
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