Digital procedure driving licence popular

The digital procedure to renew a driving license is pretty popular in Eindhoven. By now, over 300 people have used it since October 2018.

Eindhoven scores high: fifteen Dutch municipalities participate in this pilot? Over 1,000 people used the new digital opportunity to renew their driving license, so far. During the pilot, people still have to go to Eindhoven’s Stadskantoor to collect their new driving license.

New procedure

Not that this pilot runs 100% smoothly: now and again, there are problems. Moreover, though citizens no longer need to personally visit the Stadskantoor for an application, they still need to have their photo taken at a shop approved to take official driving license photos.

However, once citizens have a correct photo, they can submit the application on-line using DigiD. DigiD refers to an identity management platform used by Dutch government agencies. The system is tied to the Dutch BSN or burgerservicenummer, a national identification number each citizen has.

The national pilot in which Eindhoven participates, started in October 2018. Eindhoven’s municipality hopes, that in the long run, the new procedure will save money. It involves less actions at the counter of the Stadskantoor.

The pilot lasts a year, after which an evaluation will take place with all parties involved. If the evaluation is positive, the Dutch government may decide to implement this new procedure throughout the country.

Don’t like digital procedures? Worried about your privacy, or about DigiD-hacking? It remains possible to make an appointment to extend a driving licence, by visiting the municipality’s office in person.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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