Carnival-mass to be celebrated at Catharina-kerk

This year’s carnival-mass will be celebrated in “Lampegat’s” Catharina-kerk. Like many Dutch villages, towns and cities, Eindhoven changes its name during Carnival. Eindhoven becomes “Lampegat”!

The traditional carnival-mass was celebrated at the Paterskerk till 2017. The building is near the Catharina-kerk. However, in 2017, this church was sold to DELA. Last year, the mass was celebrated at the Catharina-kerk in Eindhoven’s city centre. This year, the special mass will take place at this church as well.

Carnival-Sunday is a time not just for celebrations, but also to reflect and consider togetherness. Pastor Rene Wilmink will lead the traditional service. He will be assisted during the celebration by – among others – Stratums Muziek Corps St. Cecilia.

This year’s theme: “Shine a LED on me!” The special mass at “Sint Cathrien” takes place Sunday 3rd of March 2019 and starts at 11:00.

Eindhoven’s Catharina-kerk

The church at the Catharina-square near Stratumseind, is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The present building replaced a mediaeval one, which seems to have been built before 1240. At least: 1240 is the first time its name is mentioned.

Over the centuries, the building was ransacked several times, but always rebuilt. Like many Catholic churches, the present building was designed in a neo-gothic style by famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers.

Most people are very familiar with another building of this Dutch architect: Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.

Eindhoven’s Catharina-church is deemed an important highlight in Cuyper’s career. Therefor, the building is listed as national monument. It is one of many deemed of “general interest because of its beauty, its significance for science or its cultural-historical value.” Construction of Cuyper’s building started in 1861 and was completed in 1867.

In his design, Cuypers incorporated many ideas about symbolism put forward by Dutch author J. Alberdingk Thijm. The most striking example: the church’s two towers. Both are 73 metres high and have different shapes.

This complies with French Gothic examples. The towers are a so-called male and a female one. One is called the David and the other one the Maria tower. Cuypers got his inspiration for these towers from the famous French cathedral at Chartres.

Next time you pass this church: have a good look. Even better: when the church is open to visitors, go inside. Cuypers often decorated the interior of his churches lavishly. In his Eindhoven Catharina-church, he incorporated rose-windows and other symbols which are best admired from inside – on a sunny day.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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