Firefighter who ran red light fined

Photo credit: Studi040/Alain Heeren

A firefighter who drove through a red traffic light, causing an accident, has been fined EUR500 and has had his license suspended for three months.

The fire truck was on its way to a call-out in Son when the incident happened. It did, indeed, have its lights flashing and sirens on when it drove through a red light at an intersection in Eindhoven. However, in doing so, the driver hit a cyclist. The person riding the bicycle was injured, sustaining permanent brain damage.

Although the firefighter driving the engine did have his sirens and lights on, a judge determined that he should have slowed down considerably when he crossed the intersection. The maximum speed allowed for fire trucks diriving through red lights at intersections is 20km/h.

The judge determined that the driver was going faster than this.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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