Troublemakers could be banned from city centre

People who make a nuisance of themselves in the Eindhoven City Centre could find themselves being banned from that area.

The City Council has put a new policy in place. It is aimed at people who, for example, repeatedly do drugs on the street or are a drunken nuisance. These rules took effect yesterday (Thursday, 8 November). Offenders will, initially, be banned for 24 hours. If they continue making trouble, they could be banned for up to eight weeks.

These rules have been put in place because of the increased number of reports of troublemakers this year. Mayor John Jorritsma decided on the new regulations to prevent further problems. The new policy rules for “area denial” have the support of the police and the Public Prosecution Service.

It is a lawful, administrative measure, which will be monitored by the police. Anyone who violates the “area denial” can be arrested and brought to court. This preventive measure fits in with the municipality’s safety policy. It is currently being investigated whether this new policy can be implemented in other areas of Eindhoven.

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