Solliance, TNO and TU/e developed a future-proof solar cell

Solliance, TNO, and the TU/e have developed a Perovskite solar cell which can keep its thermal stability and, therefore, its performance up to 93% after 3.000 hours of testing in 85oC. This is a major accomplishment for the future of solar cells, considering that the previous reference was losing 50% of its performance after only 100 hours.

The achievement will be announced on 27 September, at the EU PVSEC conference, in Brussels, Belgium. According to Mehrdad Najafi, a researcher at Solliance Solar Research, Perovskite solar cells have attracted great attention. This is due to their high power conversion efficiency. Stability and scale-ability are very important topics within the Solliance collaboration. These are considered to be the next steps towards successful commercialisation of this technology.

Solar cell efficiency of devices using these materials have increased from 3.8% to 26.7% in late 2017 in some specific architectures. Perovskite solar cells are therefore the fastest-advancing solar technology to date.

Solliance is a partnership of R&D organisations from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany working in thin film photovoltaic solar energy (TFPV). Among their partners, TNO and the Eindhoven University of Technology have been working towards the improvement in efficiency and stability of the hybrid perovskite PV technology for the past three years.

Compiled by: Manolis

Edited by: Melinda

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