Great times for butchers and ice-cream parlors due to heat

Great times for butchers and ice-cream parlors due to heat

Due to the extreme heat in the Netherlands, ice cream parlors and butchers run top days.

At Beerens butcher on the Kruisstraat in Eindhoven, they cannot keep up with the demand for meat skewers. The hamburgers and Black Angus burgers are flying off the shelf as well. Not to mention the ready-made meals in the store. ‘Many elderly people come here to buy meals for a few days,’ says Theo Beerens of the butcher’s shop. “Then they do not have to go out for a few days and they can stay inside.”

Ice creams
Ice cream parlor Verona is located a few doors away. Jan Feijen is behind the bar, without air conditioning. The display case with ice makes sure that the store is slightly cooler than it is outside. The terrace is half full. A person regularly walks in for an ice cream. “These are great times for me. If there is still an ice cream parlor that complains, then it’s doing something wrong”, says Feijen. In the eight years that he runs the ice cream parlor, he has never experienced anything like it. “Spring was already great. And then this summer. People now come in the evening instead of during the day. ”

Source: Studio040

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