Library uses invigilator against study-evasive behavior

Library uses invigilator against study-evasive behavior

Students who have difficulty concentrating will soon be able to work on their studies in a special study room in the Witte Dame.

The library has a special room for students who want to work on their thesis in a quiet environment. Or, for example, want to study for their exams. That is not so special, but ‘Studybob’ is. That is someone who keeps an eye on things and, for example, confiscates a phone when it is being used.

From Monday to Friday, the ‘StudyShare’ room is open every day for a few hours. Students can study in periods of 45 minutes. After each period there is a mandatory break of fifteen minutes. StudyShare will be held from Monday, June 18 until Thursday, July 5.

Souce: Studio40

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