BBL surprised at Mayor’s request for electronic voting

“It is strange that the Mayor wants to introduce electronic voting. Especially since he, as Chairman, along with the Municipal Council vote, decided that there would be no recount”.

This is how Carla ter Beek of the political party, Brede Beweging Links, (Broad Movement To The Left) BBL, reacted in her personal capacity after missing out on a Council seat. She responded fiercely to Mayor Jorritsma, who again called for electronic voting after the elections were over. He wants to have a pilot project for this in the region.

The BBL initially had sufficient votes for a seat in the City Council after the municipal elections were over. A day later, the rest seat was assigned to the CDA (Christian Democrats) with a four-vote difference. Because of that small difference, party leader Patrick van de Voort served an objection to the Central Electoral Committee, which was declared admissible but groundless. The City Council eventually decided against a recount.

Now that the Mayor claims to be in favour of electronic voting is a real thorn in Ter Beek’s side. “What is all this about? Some kind of regret? Letting it be known that he, too, would have liked a different outcome? No one really believes that”.

According to Ter Beek, with this request, the Mayor does not make up for the president he previously created as chairman of the Municipal Council vote: assigning a seat to another party leaving BBL without a seat. As Mayor, he also could have taken another decision that would not have made BBL depend on party interest in the City Council.

Translator: Bob

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