TU/e students reveal 100% recyclable car

Laat month, a team of 22 students from nine degree-programmes at the Eindhoven University of Technology’s TU/Ecomotive group has revealed Noah – the world’s first ‘circular’ car.

The materials which Noah will be manufactured with completely recyclable and will be easily detachable. The car’s chassis, body and interior will be fabricated entirely from organically based materials. The two-seater car will weigh 350 kg and will be powered by six smart modular batteries.

These advances in circular mobility will make Noah the most sustainable vehicle in the world. Noah is fully electric and will reach a speed of roughly 100 km/h. It is expected to have a  total range of 240 kilometers. At the end of its lifecycle, the car can also be fully recycled.

In July, the students intend to show that Noah is a practical road legal car. They aim to put the car through multiple tests in order to prove its roadworthiness and overall safety. If everything goes according to plan, the TUe team and their partners plan to visit several major European cities to showcase Noah on the public roads.

Image: Cursor.tue.nl

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