Eindhoven Air Base meets their new transport aircraft

Eindhoven Air Base meets their new transport aircraft

Employees at the Air Base Eindhoven met the new tanker and transport aircraft of the Air Force for the first time on Tuesday.

Staff could take a look at the Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport aircraft. In 2020, it will be the successor of the current KDC-10 aircraft. The aircraft are used in humanitarian operations, such as last year in the hurricane-infested Sint-Maarten. The aircraft can also refuel fighter aircraft in the air.

Four in Eindhoven

In total, seven Airbus A330 will be purchased. Four will soon have a permanent place at Eindhoven Air Base. The new aircraft have more space than the KDCs and are more flexible. They also have quieter engines.

Because the Netherlands cooperates with other European countries in the deployment of the transport aircraft, the other three Airbus A330 are stationed at the German airport in Cologne-Bon. Luxembourg and Norway are also involved.

Source: Studio040

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