Two nurseries shut down in Eindhoven

A cannabis grow-op was recently robbed

Last Wednesday two cannabis nurseries were shut down.

During a check by, amongst others, members of the police and council, more than 100 cannabis plants and nearly 2 800 seedlings were discovered at two locations. This was in Cavellilaan in Gestel and at Verbruggenstraat in Tongelre.

A hundred plants were found in a rented house in Cavellilaan. There is also a possibility of electricity theft here. Since the residence is owned by a housing association the tenant’s lease was terminated.

Two-thousand-eight hundred seedlings and a large number of cannabis buds were found in a shed in Verbruggenstraat. The police also found hard drugs, stolen bikes and fake merchandise. It is expected that Mayor Jorritsma will close down the building for a considerable length of time, according to the council.

The costs of the removals will be recouped from the owners of the nurseries.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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