VDL donates €40,000 to Stichting Leergeld Eindhoven

A cheque for 40,000 was handed to the Stichting Leergeld Eindhoven, a foundation for low-income children, by the VDL Foundation on Monday. 

The VDL Foundation is an initiative of the VDL Group company. The funds will allow 120 children to take swimming lessons, while a further 180 children will be able to purchase a bicycle.

Stichting Leergeld Eindhoven focuses on children aged between 4 and 18 years who are often from single-parent families.

The VDL Foundation stepped in after Stiching Leergeld saw a huge increase in requests, leading to a budget overspend in the first half of 2016.


Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by: Bob

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