No money to improve safety Jasonstraat

The municipality will not change the traffic situation of the Eindhoven Jasonstraat.

Mayor and aldermen responded to questions raised by the Ouderen Appèl. The municipality informed us there is no budget to improve the safety situation of the street, despite local residents complaining. Local residents said they are waiting for a serious accident to take place at the exit of the Summa College and exit at the Evangelical primary school. Mayor and aldermen also stressed there are insufficient reasons to change the situation.

The two exits cross a two-way bike path. According to residents, this causes unsafe situations. According to Mayor and aldermen, the Jasonstraat was already improved and refurbished in 2013. At the time, local residents and schools were consulted.

At the time, the Summa College was also asked to close the entrance to the school grounds to improve the traffic situation. However, according to the municipality, the MBO college did not want to change things. It would make it impossible for the school to expand school grounds, in the future. The primary school apparently made no objections to having to adapt its exit, but this has not yet happened.

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